The Pope looking frustrating at a pile of embellished bishop hats in front of a doorway November 2016 VATICAN CITY—This past weekend, Pope Francis was reportedly still stumbling upon Benedict’s old hats. “I was rummaging... more
Small dog wearing a top hat November 2016 PORTLAND—A local Pembroke Welsh Corgi was spotted wearing a miniature top hat upon his head while walking to an unknown... more
Close up of shiny gold coins coming out of bag November 2016 TENOCHTITLAN—Spanish conquistador, Fernando Fernando, has been hiding his indifference toward gold from his... more
November 2016 AUSTIN—Sources confirm that the University of Texas’ albino squirrel has suffered an intense mental breakdown after... more
November 2016 KINGDOM OF HEAVEN—Following Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, The Lord God Almighty has announced that he has finally... more
November 2016 AUSTIN— Twenty-year-old Alice Fisher did the unthinkable this Tuesday when she approached her roommate and revealed... more
November 2016 EL PASO, TX—After an extended period of reflection on his life, career, and personal appearance, local man Aaron... more
November 2016 AUSTIN—After closing his MSNBC tab and frantically searching through TMZ and Daily Mail websites for any form of... more
November 2016