November 2017 WAYNE, NJ—Millennials have ruined yet another industry—the childhood industry. With the closing of over 200 stores... more
November 2017 NEW YORK—In a startling press conference last Wednesday, the National Basketball Association announced the release of... more
November 2017 AUSTIN—Austin’s Nightlife is about to improve with the opening of Van Dodder Drink Tin, a new kind of bar for... more
November 2017 LITTLE ROCK, AR—After digging for a whole five minutes near a quarry, seven-year-old boy Timothy O’Leary found a rock... more
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November 2017 SIX FLAGS CITY, TX—Six Flags would like to notify its customers that it will be closed until further notice due to the... more
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November 2017 HOUSTON—Rapper and entertainer Pitbull has officially entered NASA training with the intention of becoming an astronaut... more