Company Overview: The Official Humor Publication of the University of Texas at Austin.

In 1997, Kevin and Brad Butler had a dream.

Then, they woke up.

Later that year, they cofounded the Texas Travesty as an online-only publication. It grew to become The University Of Texas at Austin’s official humor publication and the country’s largest student-produced satirical newspaper. It is an ancient organization, celebrating its 100-year anniversary in a mere eighty-four years. However, that does not stop it from being “down with the times.” Since 2000, it has won The Austin Chronicle’s Best Local Publication Award on seven different occasions, conducted interviews with comedians such as Demetri Martin and Hannibal Buress, hosted comedy shows across Austin, Texas, and overrun the Texas Renaissance Festival as anachronistic cyborgs. When they aren’t taking long walks on the beach or watching their children play in the yard, the staff produces six issues of the newspaper a year. And once you’ve read one, unlike your slow-learning mom with carpooling, you’ll never forget to pick up the rest. Travesty is much more than one of the largest humor publications in The United States; it has also been used as both a contraceptive and a toothbrush.

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Texas Travesty
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Austin, TX 78713

How to Join

Looking to join? It's fun and easy! First step: Download this fancy pdf application or pick one up at the TSM desk in HSM 3-200.
You must apply to be on staff. Membership is restricted to University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, and staff only.
You don't necessarily have to write to be on staff — other positions include administrative assistants, designers, illustrators, web designers, video editors, cinematographers, and publicity, marketing, and event coordinators. Applications are accepted year-round. All positions are unpaid (yay!). There is a meeting weekly at 8pm on Tuesdays and a deadline weekend three times a semester(monthly), which you are expected to at least show your face at for some of the time. You'll also be asked to help distribute issues the first two weeks after printing in the West Mall. If you can't commit, don't apply.
Keep reading for more details.

Applying for the Writing Staff

Include with your application at least three writing samples. Your samples should be funny and clever; ask other people what they think before you submit them. Any samples that include serious pieces (e.g., an article you wrote for the Daily Texan), film scripts, or self-referential work (e.g., "I am cool! Hire me.") will be disregarded. Poorly proofread samples will be laughed at and burned.

We only bring funny people onto the staff. Competition is fierce, and we judge your abilities based solely on your application.

All writers are hired on as administrative assistants until they prove themselves worthy of a writing staff position.

Designers, Illustrators, Media Staff

Include with your application 3 design/drawing/video/web samples. For designers we need people with experience in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, at least. Web designers need to have knowledge of CSS, HTML, and Wordpress. Most of what you will be doing is adapting features from print design to something legible for online. This will mostly require a bit of creativity and some CSS. Video staff has an extra meeting and has a goal of outputting at least one video a month so be prepared for a little outside work.

Administrative Assistants

If you're just looking to get involved, this position may be perfect for you. Help out with publicity, distribution, and various miscellaneous sundry while soaking up the prestige of being on staff. All AAs are given a four-week trial period during which they must prove their worthiness before they are considered "on staff."
Enthusiasm, ambition, and a willingness to do grunt work without bitching are key.
If you don't prove your worth, you'll be asked to leave.