Where are all the Babies?!

by: Jarell “Babe” Williams, West Campus bus driver

I just don’t understand. It seems like classes were still going on and all the little children were linin’ up to get on my bus. I know they got to go to the PCL, and the FAC, and the Chick-fil-A. So where are they?! Are finals over?! Where have all the babies gone?!

I’ve been drivin’ this bus ‘round and ‘round this campus for only six years, but these babies have basically become my babies. Every mornin’, I head off to work smiling because of all these babies here at the University of Texas. I love seein’ their faces, happy or sad, because I get them where they need to go. Like a mama bird, they need me to drive them all around this big ol’ campus. But now, there ain’t hardly no one around. This cold weather must’ve scared them off.

All day, I’ve only seen three of them cutie cute white girls in those big ol’ shirts and tight black skinny pants. Oh, those babies sure are cute! And the boy babies, I haven't seen any of my boy babies in days. I just don’t get it. Where could they all be? I know I shouldn’t worry, but I just can’t help it. They all so kind, listenin’ to me talk and just smilin’ and noddin’, ‘cause they know I’m right. I wonder if it’s because I play games. Like, when I’m drivin’ off, and one of ‘em comes runnin’ to catch me, I’ll scoot on up a little. Then I pretend like the door don’t work, or I just keep goin’! It always gets a couple laughs from the other babies, but I promise I didn’t wanna hurt none of them. It’s just fun and games!

I know I wasn’t “supposed to” come into work today, but I didn’t listen to that “no school” message the University left on my phone. How else are the babies gonna go anywhere if I’m not there?! I have a responsibility to these babies, and I ain’t goin' nowhere anytime soon. I’ll be here, all day and night until 7 PM, hopin’ to turn each corner and see a whole group of babies, my babies, who need a ride to campus.



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