I only choke and gag because I care

by: Ruby Sparxxx, moral porn star

Having been an adult film star for 28 years now, I assume most of you have stumbled upon my work out in that hyperspace we call the Internet. Yes, I’m sure you have seen me being choked by bald men with demonic tattoos or gargling the frothy aftermath of a room full of aroused, sexually-devious men. But what many of you probably do not know is that I have been fighting the moral decay of our great nation for almost as long as I have been allowing complete strangers to fill me like the parking lot at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs.

I founded The American Family Will Prevail Organization after being inspired by Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. I felt that the First Lady’s attempt to keep American children off drugs was a particularly noble cause, one that became quite personal to me after Sloppy Gary went soft during our shoot because he was high on meth. I never wanted to see another friend destroyed by the corrupting nature of drugs, so I created AFWPO, a multi-cause organization intended to push back against the influx of immoral behavior seeping into our culture, with drug abuse prevention at the forefront of our movement.

In 1993, AFWPO began its fight against the anti-life abortion nut jobs. Liberal media tried hard to discredit me, with one particularly immoral anchor asking me in an interview how someone of my profession could possibly take up such a cause. But the self-righteous media man was left speechless when I retorted, “I always make them come in my face or my ass, so how could I ever get pregnant?” Yes, the pro-death heathens stood little chance against the moral rectitude of our organization.

More recently, I have led AFWPO into the battle against male homosexual marriage. Some may call me old-fashioned but I do not believe two men should engage in sexual activity together. That being said, AFWPO has emerged as one of the prominent proponents of lesbian marriage. Once again the mainstream media attacked me for my views, labeling my complex and highly informed opinion on homosexual marriage as hypocritical and inherently in conflict with itself. As I did before with the abortion debate, I set the media straight, explaining that the hottest choke sex I ever had was with another woman, but two men boning is just faggy. It is important to me that my fans understand my passion as a moral crusader and that it is an important part of who I am. Almost as important as my uncanny knack for suppressing my gag reflex. God Bless!



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