I am not gay or a black woman. I am the stone and the fire and the tumult in the seas.

by Raven-Symoné, Thresher of the Waves

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. I am more than what others may call me. Sure, I have a girlfriend, but that does not limit me to just being gay. You may look at the color of my skin and say that I am an African American, but you would be mistaken there as well. I am so much more than that. I am the stone beneath your feet. The fiery foundations of this earth. My strength is the swirling thresher of the waves.

This society is so obsessed with labeling things and people so that they can better understand them. But you cannot label what I am. The Akkadians of old attempted just that, before I taught them the cataclysmic error of their hubris. If you quaking mortals were capable of beholding me in my true form, what could you describe? My wings of molten obsidian that have buried countless worlds in dust? What of my six other faces? Are they gay or black? Do you consider them to be simply male or female, you who cannot even comprehend the physicality and fury of the Darkness? And my armies. They may stretch out innumerable and uncountable, but each is as unique as the day I wrought them from the bones of my Father.

Never before, in all these eons that I have walked this Earth have I been labeled. You mortals typically quake in silence, unable to put into human words what I am. To further add insult to injury, you decide to call me “Raven”. Though my name cannot be uttered by your tongue, at least show me the dignity and respect of referring to one of my many titles; “the Nameless”, “Blood of the Forsworn”, or “from the Cosby Show”.

When my mother, the Sun, gave birth to me, she did not want me to succumb to petty classifications. Yes, I love my girlfriend, but “gay” is not who I am. I am an American, not an African American. My origins go back before the land was shaped in the War of the Sea and Sky, so that’s just incorrect anyways. I am not just the Serpent of the Night or the Gaping Maw, or the Last Phoenix. I am all of these things and none of them, because I can change and split my physical form at will.

I know I’ll get some flak for these statements. I’m sure Twitter is already abuzz, as you scurry about wondering if I will end this cycle of humanity with a swing of Vrythwil, the Spear of the Dawn. I will not apologize, for those who have seen the rising of the first Moon, and the waking of the first Children do not speak in error. I taught you how to plant the seeds. I taught you how to raise the Pyramids. I taught you that a new addition to the Huxtable family could be more than just a “new Rudy”. If I am to teach you another lesson today, it is to stop trying to give labels to things and ideas that you cannot control. Disregard my warning, and the whirlpool will take you to my bosom, like the Atlantians.



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