I had a scary dream

by: Marking Luther King Jr., scared 5 year-old

I had a scary dream. The dream was weird because the world didn’t look normal. Everything was in black and white.

The dream started off with me get- ting out of bed because I heard a noise in the kitchen. I think I knew I was dreaming because I felt like a grape. People in real life shouldn’t feel like grapes. They should feel like people.

It was still nighttime but my dad was all dressed up to go somewhere. There was a super strong smell of cof- fee. My dad poured some coffee into a mug, and it was really hot and steam- ing. The coffee was angry. My dad then poured cream into the super hot coffee, but it didn’t mix. He then poured more cream, and it still didn’t mix. The more cream he put in, the more it collected on top of the coffee. It was so weird! My dad said something like, “It’s a bad start to the day when coffee can’t mix with cream.”

Then things got weirder. Dad tried taking a sip of the super hot drink, but it burned his tongue so bad that it fell out of his mouth. He dropped the mug and everything spilled out. The cream got together and started beating up the coffee.

The police then broke into the house and grabbed my dad. He tried to say something but he couldn’t because his tongue was on the floor. They took him away and another policeman started chasing me. Why? I didn’t do anything.

I tried running away, but when I ran out of the house I wasn’t outside but in a humongous stadium. I was running on a track field. The policemen weren’t behind me anymore. They turned into track runners who I was now racing. I ran as fast as I could.I won but everyone booed when I crossed the finish line. The judges got really mad at me and the booing got even louder. They told me I couldn’t win because I was in the wrong race. Then the police showed up and took me to jail.

It felt like I was in jail forever. I had a really long beard and I was really hungry. Then a policeman came and gave me a bag of crackers. He told me that if could chew and swallow eight crackers at the same time then he would let me out. I really hate crackers. They’re so salty and dry, but I said I would do it because I wanted to get out of jail.

I put the crackers in my mouth and started chewing. They felt like razor blades. They scraped the top of my mouth and they sucked up all my spit. My mouth felt like a desert and it got harder to chew. The crackers started choking me and I couldn’t breathe. Everything got cloudy and just when I thought I was going to die, I woke up. I was in my bed super sweaty and my mouth was super dry.



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