Point: So we meet again, Mr. Grackle

by Roy Hinkle, homeless warrior

So we meet again, Mr. Grackle! This isn’t the first time our paths have crossed; you shan’t get the best of me today. I have prepared long and hard for this encounter. I will pass this test. I found this spoiled, half-eaten Quarter Pounder with Cheese first. It is my bounty, and I will not let you soil it any more. Answer me this, Grackle, do you plan on sacrificing your body and well-being for this sandwich? For I do!

Oh, you are a clever one, foe of mine, but you will pay for your trespasses. I will make sure of it. Don’t just sit there and stare at me, plotting with those soulless eyes. I refuse to be bested again!

Counterpoint: Caw! Caw!



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