Steve Harvey hospitalized after all 100 Family Feud survey participants answer "Boner City, U.S.A."

HOLLYWOOD — Broderick Stephen Harvey, host of HDTV's The Family Feud, was taken into critical care Friday after realizing that 100 good American people gave the same answer, “Boner City, U.S.A.,” to a Family Feud survey. While recording a new episode of the hit game show, Harvey asked "if our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ were to suck on any city, which city would he suck on?" Upon hearing Amy Balschvitz, the youngest child in the Balschvitz family, answer "Boner City, U.S.A.," the host collapsed on the stage floor and clutched his chest. "Father forgive me, my sacrifice has proven futile," Harvey whimpered. As the scoreboard turned over a single answer, all 100 points were awarded to Team Balschvitz, who won the round. Harvey shortly thereafter began coughing up a dense stew of mucus and blood. Local evangelists deny that Harvey is the son of God but concur that he makes publicly broadcasted sacrilege a bit more entertaining.


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