Halifax, Nova Scotia Tops ‘Travesty’s Most Romantic Cities’ List For 17th Consecutive Year

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA — Once again, dominating all competition that the 21st century has to offer, the affable capital of Canadian province Nova Scotia, Halifax, is crowned the ‘Texas Travesty’s Most Romantic City’. Tucked away into what many Haligonians call the true heart of the mainland (the left ear), the passionate, yet tender capital of Nova Scotia offers nothing but the finest romantic qualities to allow its inhabitants to fall in love with ease. Travesty’s own Halifax-born chief love guru, Owen Alexander, cites the city’s syrupy nature as, “probably responsible for its increasing rat infestation that really gives the whole place a sour, yet amorous Paris flavor.” The dazed Alexander, under the influence of love in the form of smog, continued, “With the second highest murder rate in the nation, it just really allows you to become fully dependent on your lover.” At press time, Alexander’s further meditations on Halifax’s romantic nature were cut short by his parole officer.


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