Area Detective Grills The Hamburglar

MCDONALD LAND — After four long decades of trying to apprehend the notorious criminal, Detective Little Mac spent upwards of four hours grilling the Hamburglar about the string of hamburglaries. “Things were really heating up in that interrogation room, but we finally got the sauce on him,” said Little Mac as he licked ketchup off his greasy fingers. Despite constant denial from the Hamburglar, police were able to make an arrest based on his name alone. “He was our only suspect, considering the titular nature of the crimes committed,” Little Mac told reporters. The police finally got a confession after threatening to, “marinate him in a jail cell until the truth oozes out.” Mayor McCheese publicly commended Little Mac on a job well done, noting the skill required to solve such a rare crime. At press time, the hamburglar was seen being burned alive and eaten.


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