Point/Counterpoint: Release your tax returns

Point: release your tax returns it's my right as a taxpayer to know

Frankly, sir, your refusal to show the honest American public your tax returns is downright blasphemous. I pay taxes! I make far less as a Comcast Customer Service Representative than you in your high-and-mighty occupation. If you're going to be in charge, expecting us to believe this claim then I want to know this information. I deserve to know.

Counterpoint: I'm your gynecologist, Jean, nothing will change your HPV diagnosis

I'm your gynecologist, Jean, nothing will change your HPV diagnosis. Not my tax returns, which do exist, for the record. And not your compulsion to blow your hot breath into these rubber gloves, turning them into balloons. Also, please stop calling me Donald. You have HPV, it says on your test results, right here.



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