Sale of last COEXIST sticker ushers in dark times

MADISON, WI — After hours of searching online for a way to display her tolerance of other peoples, area woman Shelly Quesey reportedly discovered that someone had purchased the last COEXIST sticker in coexistence. “I can’t believe they’re all gone. This can only mean that the Crusades of the 21st century are finally upon us,” said Quesey as she glared at her homely ’98 Subaru Forester’s empty bumper. “I hope whoever bought the last sticker really needed it. When judgement day comes I don’t know how they’ll know to spare me. I’ll just have to pray to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and all of the Jewish Gods in the meantime.” At press time, Quesey could be seen ordering a custom sticker on Etsy, feeling like a fraud.


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