Professor insists he hadn’t thought of it that way before

AUSTIN — UT Professor Samuel F. Bradley reportedly insisted in his 19th Century British Lit class this Friday that he really hadn’t thought of it that way before. “We were discussing Charles Dickens, you know, old stuff,” Senior Cassidy McMillan said, pulling her heavily annotated copy of A Tale of Two Cities out of her backpack. “We started to talk about themes and symbolism, I chimed in, and Prof Bradley insisted that he’d never thought of the book in that way before. Insisted! We were amazed. I mean, Prof Bradley is a specialist in his field, with two degrees and seven books written about this particular novel, and even he learned a lot from our ten-minute undergraduate analysis of Chapter Two! Don’t tell him I said this, but I think he’s learning more from us than we’re learning from him.” As of press time, Bradley was seen asking students in his class if they would write recommendation letters for his tenure application.


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