Party city annexes Party Suburb

AUSTIN — After months of heated negotiations in the Party United Nations headquarters located in the Shipley’s parking lot, sources indicate that Party City officially annexed Party Suburb last Tuesday. “With a name like Party Suburb, they’re basically asking for it,” said DJ Khaled, Mayor of Party City, going on to giggle over Party Suburb’s 2016 fiscal budget of $2,766 for their pro-independence TV campaign. “I know that for a lot of people, this annexation is a touchy subject, but what is Party Suburb on its own anyways? All their houses are designed the same, and they have two Walmarts within three miles of each other. Who needs that many Walmarts? No key to success there.” In response to the annexation, citizens of Party Suburb had started a Go Fund Me page in attempt to raise another $1500 for a TV ad asking the Party UN to repeal the decision and remove DJ Khaled from office.


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