New Toyota Prius to come with pre-attached Hillary Clinton campaign stickers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Toyota recently signed a deal with presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, that will prompt the manufacturing of their new Prius model to include her 2016 presidential campaign sticker directly imprinted on the bumper of the vehicle. “Though including the sticker on every newly manufactured Prius will likely produce the same amount of Prius’s with a democratic nominee sticker on them, this move re-enforces Mrs. Clinton’s commitment to clean vehicles and the Japanese,” campaign coordinator, Debbie Porter, explained as she laid out Mrs. Clinton’s pant suits for the week. “By automatically including the stickers on the cars, voters will have the flexibility to use their money on other things to support Hillary like t-shirts, lawn signs or most importantly the payments needed to keep Chris Christie distracted in a New Jersey Chinese buffet.“ As of press time, Ms. Clinton was seen begging Whole Foods Market executives to allow her to sponsor the Hispanic food aisle.



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