UT Senior has been referring to “co-ops” as “coops” this whole time

AUSTIN—Sources reported that, as of this Tuesday, UT senior and ornithology major Bart Bartleson had been referring to all student-housing cooperatives as “coops” rather than “co-ops” even after living in one for three years. “I’ve lived over at the coop on 29th and a half since I was a sophomore,” reported Bartleson, who still managed to mispronounce the name. “I’ve never really understood why they’re called coops though. I mean, we’ve been raising some chickens out back for a couple years, and there’s certainly a pecking order around here when it comes to chores. But c’mon isn’t that kind of a stretch? It’s not even really that funny.” As of press time, sources reported that Bartleson had been seen scratching his head and scowling as he read a Wikipedia article all about the use of hyphens.


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