Around Campus November/December 2010

• No, dude- it’s Wooten barber shop. Trust me, you don’t want Method Man cutting your hair.

• Is it too late to see Jackass 3D? I heard there was poop.

• Is it too late to vote? I heard there was poop.

• Are those Mountain Dew White Out commercials racist? Please help!

• Baby, we should take a break until Christmas is over. I have a high school girlfriend back home that you don’t know about.

• A student staring up at something successfully got other students to stare up at something.

• The tower is very camera shy and would appreciate it if you stopped.

• Yep, those international students are laughing at YOU. jajajajajajajajaja!

• Those Type-O bastards are always so cocky when there’s a blood drive on campus.

• To the guy smoking the pipe outside the Winship, we get it, you’re unique.

• UT changed it’s homepage...wooooooooooaaaaaahhhh

• Thank you Pearl Street Co-op for once again showing us how seamlessly Deadmau5, dead mice, and hepatitis go together.

• More budget cuts are on the way. Watch your ass, Caesar Chavez statue…

• Mack Brown will force the UT football team to watch Remember the Titans “until it sticks, goddammit.”

• More like “College of Liberal Farts.

• If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, ask what it can do for you.

• Girl, you pregnant.

• Did you just say what the crap? Dude, what the fuck?

• Some people call me a book worm because I’m in the library all day eating books.

• Just because you’re donning your sweaters and puffy vests doesn’t mean you can just let it all go, dudes.

• The absurdity of the name “Colt McCoy” is just now dawning on Longhorn fans.

• Austin is only weird inasmuch as nobody who lives here knows who they want to impress.

Four Loko without caffeine? What’s next, America without Ke$ha?!

• This may just be the purple drank talking, but bah bhu bah nug blarp.

• I live with my 93 year old grandfather. Of course I’ve seen “The Walking Dead.”

• Santa Claus may not be real, but that bearded guy sneaking in through your chimney sure as shit is.

• No, it’s not frozen pizza. It’s Dominoes.


• It only took seven movies for fans to admit that they were pronouncing “Hermoine” wrong this whole time.

• I really wish TBS would give Rosie another chance.


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