April 2017 ASHEVILLE, NC — Early last week, local hibachi chef Gates McClinchie found a five-leaf clover in his backyard that... more
April 2017
April 2017 EVANSTON, IL—After years of painstaking study, researchers from Northwestern University announced Tuesday that a great... more
April 2017 PLANO—Amidst growing outrage by community leaders, a puppy mill has closed its doors to further production of puppy... more
April 2017 AUSTIN—After cracking a pretty amazing joke to his group of friends, Fredrick Cankerton told himself that there was no... more
April 2017 BORGER, TX—According to family and friends, area geographer Mark Franwallis has never seen a hill that he wouldn’t... more
April 2017 AUSTIN—Local exit sign Light Miller, located at the Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue, has reportedly expressed... more
April 2017 KINGDOM OF HEAVEN—According to a few crudely scribbled images found in his bedroom, God has been thinking about making... more
April 2017 BELIZE—Following a three month dry spell from deporting undocumented workers and their families, former President... more