Dumbfounded police search for answers after man says drugs not his

AUSTIN - What seemed at first to be a normal traffic stop turned into a thrilling turn of events as police discovered that two grams of marijuana had mysteriously appeared in a local man’s car without his knowledge. 22-year-old white male Brock Marley was shocked when the police asked him what the plastic bag in his passenger seat was. “I was just as surprised as they were to find marijuana in the bag. I told them immediately it wasn’t mine and that I had no idea how it got there,” said Marley, who has been apprehended by the police three times before and was released each time after he assured the authorities that he had done nothing wrong. Austin PD is doing a full investigation into what kind of sicko leaves bags of marijuana in random people’s cars. The officer who found the marijuana in Brock’s car stated, “His eyes were red, which means he obviously didn’t get much sleep last night, and perhaps because of his drowsiness somebody was able to sneak marijuana into his car.” At press time, Brock was seen having a coughing fit he attributed to a cold he recently caught.