Point: Nobody Loves Me and I’m Going to Die Alone

Point: Nobody Loves Me and I’m Going to Die Alone Throughout college I have made zero friends. I’m awkward, and have a really hard time connecting to people on an emotional level. I spend my weekends in my room, and haven’t done a social activity since that one time I lent one of my neighbors some salt. Her name was Jessica. After our salt interaction, I tried reaching out to her—maybe she and I could be friends. After several attempts at knocking on her door and leaving my information, she finally responded with a handwritten note she slid under my door. The letter said that I was annoying and kind of creepy. She moved out of the apartment complex. There goes my shot at actually having a geographically close friend, you know, the best kind of friend. After the whole Jessica incident, I have been left wondering, am I doomed to never make friends and feel love? Will I live by myself for eternity, and leave this earth with no impact on anything, except the sodium count on tomato sauce (Jessica was making spaghetti)? I guess this is it—I wasn’t meant to be loved. I will die, and nobody will care. Counterpoint: